Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

1.Chronický Pocit Prázdnoty21:40
2.Monotonie Tmy20:40
Total playing time42:20

Trist (Cze) - Ve snech nekrvácím (demo) 2009

1.Sats Ist Nicht Vollständig02:11
2.North Bastion Legion03:11
3.Unholy Nekrholocaust03:38
4.IV Reich Necrodeamon02:21
6.Inferno Machinery06:36
7.War Code04:02
8.Kult To Fatality04:27
Total playing time36:58

Martyrum Omnium - War Code 2007

1.Cure for Existence06:04
2.Desert Stare05:21
3.Crowd Stench03:39
4.Human Darkness05:33
5.Threshold of Wintersorrow16:21
6.Burning Suicide Desires04:12
7.Shadows Over Meggido (Apocalyptic Premonition)03:55
Total playing time45:05

Martyrum Omnium - Human Darkness 2003

1.Heaven Falls in Eternal Weep03:35
2.Ethereal Wings of Sorrow03:52
3.Ordeal Recapture02:53
4.Soul Wandering09:11
Total playing time23:44

Martyrum Omnium - Soul Wandering 2001


2.Millenium Zero

3.Omnipressence Vendetta

4.Syndrome of Oblivion

5.The First Ultimatum


7.The Bizarre Journey


9.For my Cold Existence


11.The Call of Black Funeral

12.Industrial Scorn

Total playing time57:20

Avernum - The Nihilist Revelations 2007

1. Ilvar - Intro-Infernal Majesty (3:40)
2. Ilvar - Evil Eternal (2:50)

Ilvar - Dedicated To Infernal Demons (Demo) 2008

funeral drone doom

1. I Chaos - Spirit Of Faceless Time (36:47)

I Chaos - Spirit of the Faceless Time 2007

1.Drömmen Om Undergång09:16
3.Asketens Enda Prydnad08:39
5.Det Andra Liket08:34
6.Jag Lever Djävul04:22
7.I Timmen När Allt Är Över09:04
Total playing time53:03

Bergraven - Till Makabert Väsen 2009

excellent depressive black metal with female vocals,HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

1. Hydra - Screams From The Darkness (4:37)
2. Hydra - I am You (5:01)
3. Hydra - Binnacle of a Last Night (5:56)
4. Hydra - Darkness of the Mortal One (3:25)
5. Hydra - Winds of Death (5:53)
6. Hydra - Eternal Life (5:00)
7. Hydra - To Many Years (5:17)
8. Hydra - The Black Cry (6:16)

Hydra(Chi) - Screams and Laments from the Deepest of the Soul 2009


1. Furva Ambiguitas - Memento! (5:15)
2. Furva Ambiguitas - Carpe Diem (7:39)
3. Furva Ambiguitas - Gens Una Sumus (6:34)
4. Furva Ambiguitas - In Articulo Mortis (5:56)
5. Furva Ambiguitas - Alienatio Mentis (6:05)
6. Furva Ambiguitas - At The Bottom Of The River (13:35)

Furva Ambiguitas - In Articulo Mortis 2009

its a one female black metal band.

1.Eternal War04:06
2.Wolven Hatred04:02
3.The Last Forest04:56
4.Subatomic Holocaust04:00
5.The Middle of the Night03:54
Total playing time31:28

DödsÄngel - Helgrind (demo) 2009

black metal like LLN!!!!RECOMMENDED

1.Südrh Aermath Meghäarvz Amëëhtraebre03:50
2.Kwäntralh Prarüsatl Laarshreh Söhnk Thrörbre03:21
3.Gerkvaenarth Maehträabr Cöortländt03:57
4.Anwnn Eamöhvèbre - Eatr Wärëëk Sergah Reavbtre02:54
5.Destroy Your Life For Satan (Mütiilation Cover)05:46
Total playing time19:50

Trörkrvisätänsrökrëh - Khr'iirëëh Zÿsthlkonr Tsavlr Kélsäth Trörkrvisätäns 2004

1.Follow the Hell's Master

2.My Death in the Castle of Darkness

3.Pensamentos de um Guerreiro Durante uma Batalha

4.Infernal Devotion

5.Black Metal ist Krieg (Nargaroth cover)

Infernal Devotion - Infernal devotion 2004

3.Hell Gate06:14
Total playing time16:13

Infernal Necromancy - Melancholic Art 2000

1.Freezing Blackstained Universe05:12
3.Eternal Winter (Absurd [Ger] cover)05:15
Total playing time14:29

Infernal Necromancy - Freezing Blackstained Universe 2003

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

Azuth - Mare Tenebrum 2007

2.Per Umbram Noctis07:05
3.Umbras At Tenebrae06:02
5.Lux Obscura06:42
6.Meus Votum03:53
Total playing time42:03

Azuth - Mare Tenebrum 2007

Alkerdeel - De Bollaf! 2009

1.De Bollaf12:57
2.Natt Og Tike - Nattens Ledestjerne (Ildjarn Medley)03:47
Total playing time16:44

Alkerdeel - De Bollaf! 2009

Alda - Demo 2009

1.The Seed and the Hailstone03:53
2.The Evergreen Womb06:11
Total playing time15:35

Alda - Demo 2009

1.Endless Snowfal08:26
2.Deep Midwinter08:13
3.Bewildered By Icestorms15:28
7.Guds Elskefe04:13
Total playing time01:17:23

Agathothodion - Traum Von Satan 2006

Evil Wrath - Promo 2007

1.Hell Marches To War05:29
2.Chaotical Invasion08:28
3.La Sphere Malsaine05:04
Total playing time19:01

Evil Wrath - Promo 2007

1.Praise the Bloodcode of Hatred02:50
2.Devotion to Unholy Creed04:55
3.Infernal Necromancers03:13
5.Gods Cutthroat06:45
6.Abysmal Goatfeast04:39
7.Splendid Destruction04:33
8.Stench of Immortal Doom06:48
Total playing time36:27

Burial Hordes - Devotion to Unholy Creed 2008

2.Les Esprits Souffrants07:20
3.Radiating Desolation07:26
Total playing time29:44

Blood Red Fog - Radiating Desolation 2008

1.Kres Panowania Ery Ludzi

2.Propaganda Nienawiści

3.Ostateczna Krucjata Sił Ciemności

Actum Inferni - Kres Panowania Ery Ludzi 2009

1. Grimnyr - Ancients (4:56)
2. Grimnyr - Beholding The Daughters Of Firmament (8:12)
3. Grimnyr - Axiom (4:33)
4. Grimnyr - Fronorblast (4:58)
5. Grimnyr - Realm Of Th Craben Sons (4:34)

Grimnyr - Realm of the Craven Sons 2004

Acolyte's Ruin - Promo 2006

1.Nothing Beside Remains


3.The Oratory

Acolyte's Ruin - Promo 2006

Quercus - Kverulant 2002

funeral doom metal

1.Ravine Burden Thorns12:47
2.Ignis Fatus11:50
3.Darkening Of God's Gifts08:18
6.Smrt Má V Dusi Spánek09:47
8.Neverending Vigilance Over The Existence19:06
Total playing time01:19:25

Quercus - Kverulant 2002

depressive bm!

1. A Cloud in Circle - Dead Ambiance (6:00)
2. A Cloud in Circle - Behind the Light (10:59)
3. A Cloud in Circle - Suicidal Voices (6:00)
4. A Cloud in Circle - Celestial Dream (7:46)
5. A Cloud in Circle - The Tunnel (7:24)
6. A Cloud in Circle - Illa Tidandi (13:02)

A Cloud In Circle - Behind The Light 2009

1.At the Nineteenth Sublevel06:39
Total playing time12:12

Aasdgoihasdghexekul - Demo Noir 2008

depressive bm!!!!

1. Cancer - I (4:02)
2. Cancer - II (5:03)
3. Cancer - III (5:21)
4. Cancer - Lsd (6:45)
5. Cancer - Make a suicide (2:59)
6. Cancer - Sociopathy (8:54)

Cancer - Clinical Depression (demo) 2008

1.Woods of Thorn07:14
2.Evil at Heart06:36
3.A Transilvanian Scenario07:59
4.Nightfall in Shadowlands07:01
5.Dream of Maia02:54
Total playing time31:44

Diabolical Breed - Dark Alliance (demo) 2002

1.Le Prince Noir05:25
3.Fred Heavy04:44
4.The Dilemnia Of The Dark Donation05:15
6.I Am The Black Wizards (Emperor cover)05:23
Total playing time45:12

3rd Revelation - Resurection 2002

Urfaust - Einsiedler 2009

1.IX : Der Einsiedler12:07
Total playing time18:57

Urfaust - Einsiedler 2009

1. Todestriebe - Call (6:31)
2. Todestriebe - Renunciation (3:16)
3. Todestriebe - Twilight (6:04)

Todestriebe - Renunciation (EP) - 2009

1.Black Fvvking Roll02:30
2.Black Nvclear Crvsades01:33
3.Death Fetish03:15
4.Fvkk Them In Hell03:22
5.Holokavsto Eklesiastiko01:12
6.Vatikan Under Attack02:42
7.Death To Peace ... War At Last02:44
8.Lady Whore02:06
9.Satanik Hell Slut04:21
10.Human Scum Sacrifice (Re.)01:50
Total playing time25:35

Sakrogoat - Atomik Black Terror 2008 +video!!!

1.Sweet Loss07:27
2.Soul Scars05:16
4.Invocation Of The Inner Spirit04:52
5.Destroy Them03:27
6.Dream Vortex06:21
7.Let Snow Cover The Earth07:29
8.In The End06:53
Total playing time49:36

Sad (Grc) - Enlightened By Darkness 2009

1.Daath - Opening of the Abyss01:55
2.Burning Horizon07:17
3.Path of the Razing03:56
4.Domination of Death01:30
5.Dark Sun06:22
6.Apocalyptical Coalescence05:47
Total playing time26:47

Khaos Aeon - Daath - Opening of the Abyss 2008

1.Here's No God03:07
2.I Disgust05:14
3.Abuse Of The Useless03:04
4.No Way Out04:40
6.Spreading The Hell04:24
7.Hail Self-Destruction06:22
Total playing time31:24

Helvete (Ita) - Alcohol, Drugs And Fucking Hell 2008

Hassrausch - Satangott 2008

1.Im Rausche Seiner Gegenwart03:46
3.Die Ankunft03:53
5.Ruf Des Abgrunds08:07
6.Har Magedon03:18
Total playing time31:17

Hassrausch - Satangott 2008

Hopeless Full DISCOGRAPHY!!!!

depressive black metal!!!

included the demos:
Soul Mortification 2008
Hopeless 2008
Elements 2009
Haunting Suicidal Past 2009
The Funeral Of Life 2008
Easterns Depression Winds 2009

Hopeless Full DISCOGRAPHY!!!!

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

absolute highly recommended.....

1.Ein langsames Sterben10:36
2.Ernte der Nacht10:06
4.Sturz des Pferdes in die See10:04
Total playing time47:43

Syrgðr Skógr - Walþu (demo) 2009

Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Thesyre - Résistance 2009

1. Thesyre - Au Présent (1:50)
2. Thesyre - Hymne Au Mérite (4:36)
3. Thesyre - Par Une Froide Nuit D'octobre (1:05)
4. Thesyre - Laique Et Souverain (4:19)
5. Thesyre - De Réalisme Et De Nihilisme Actif (4:49)
6. Thesyre - L'égalitarisme Freine L'excellence (4:14)
7. Thesyre - Matérialisme Consumériste Infectieux (3:54)
8. Thesyre - La Grande Noirceur (1:08)
9. Thesyre - Afin D'en Finir Avec Le Jugement Des Dieux (3:34)
10. Thesyre - Résistance (4:57)

Thesyre - Résistance 2009

Lustre - Night Spirit 2009

1.Part 120:54
2.Part 220:06
Total playing time41:00

Lustre - Night Spirit 2009

depressive bm and highly recommended!!!!

1.Fullmoon Dweller21:11
Total playing time01:01:06

Fullmoon Dweller - The Wandering Ghoul 2008

black metal sounds like darkspace!!!!!

1.From the Dark Unknown Space09:37
2.Valley Tower Ascent07:16
3.Les Champs de Glace07:26
5.Serenity in Darkness02:38
6.Chapter I07:08
7.Chapter II08:42
8.Chapter III07:24
9.Chapter IV08:19
10.Chapter V08:01
Total playing time01:15:30

De Silence et d'Ombre - Ascension 2009


1.Mors Omnia Solvit01:40
2.Jauèiant Pabaig± Arti04:13
3.Akimirka prie¹ Mirtç04:39
4.®alèio ®vilgsnis02:58
6.Tarp Dulkiù ir Netrukus Dulkìse03:28
7.Paskutinç Kart±05:10
8.Lapkrièio Speigas03:53
9.Tikrovìs Iliuzija05:23
10.Eilinio Mirtis03:28
11.®ingsniai ç Begalybê03:50
Total playing time44:00

Luctus - Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti 2009

1.The Nightstorms05:52
2.Die Dunklen Pfade08:53
3.Atras Cineris/The Coming Of Chaos04:11
Total playing time18:56

Atras Cineris - The Coming Of Chaos (demo) 2004


3.Hanging Illusions14:33
4.Leaving Forever03:31
Total playing time44:39

Dead (Mex) - Hanging Illusions 2009

2.Drunten im Tal14:07
3.Auf zum Kampfe11:52
6.Uralte Macht07:32
7.Blut'ges Abendrot02:19
Total playing time01:07:01

Drengskapur - Vom Nebel Umschlungen 2009

Lustre - Serenity 2008

1.The Light of Eternity13:39
2.Waves of the Worn07:25
Total playing time21:03

Lustre - Serenity 2008


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