Freitag, 10. April 2009

by mail from Benign Neglectus from Malaysia.

1. Immortalis 2:15
2. Shadows 3:11
3. Herecy 3:37
4. Humanatia 3:23
5. Scarlette 3:19
6. Redeemer 2.51
7. Drifted 1:18


Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Originally meant to be the last release of Svartr Strijd. The cassette features
the rehearsal, demo #2 and unreleased material. Limited to 666 copies.

The translation of "En Sista Vind" is "One Last Wind"

Re-released on MCD (ltd. 500) by Total Holocaust Records in February 2009
(without the rehearsal tracks).

1.Färd II02:01
2.Då de Sista Dropparna Blod Levrats på min Handled05:23
3.Under den Kalla Månen03:16
4.Dödens Vind Genom Natten Far05:34
5.Färd III01:56
6.Under den Kalla Månen (Rehearsal)02:57
7.Färd I (Rehearsal)01:57
Total playing time23:04

Svartr Strijd - En Sista Vind

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Wodulf - Wargus Esto 2003

Ugly, NS Black Metal. With Members of Der Stürmer and Ravenbanner.

Re-released on CD by Werewolf Rec. in 2005 with 2 bonustracks:

8. Lykodaimonas - The Old Mound's Wolfshape
9. Shrines of the Awakened Wodblood

1.Awaken White Beast01:43
2.Hanged Among the Old Trees06:16
4.Our Blood Knows No Defeat04:31
5.Burning the Gates of Zion03:26
7.The Calling of Wolfwoods04:18
Total playing time26:57

Wodulf - Wargus Esto

Great NS Black Metal !

1.Opus I: Blut (Blood)03:26
2.An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess04:28
3.In the Fields of the Stars04:27
4.Towards Thy Astral Path05:36
5.Opus II: Boden (Fatherland)03:33
6.The Age of Revelation03:44
7.The Feast of Everlasting Flame04:09
8.Krieg und Boden04:10
Total playing time33:37

Stutthof - Towards Thy Astral Path...

Great NS Black Metal !!

1/6 And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust 2005
7/10 demo 1997

1.An Invocation To Those Who Have Risen03:18
2.Wampyric Metamorphosis09:34
3.The Horned Moon08:48
4.Crossing The Ninth Gate To The Kingdom Of Shadows20:31
5.Dragon The Great One09:37
6.The Breaking Of The Seventh Seal03:56
7.Dark Endless06:14
8.Through The Dark Age We're Dreaming06:11
9.Pagan Warriors06:02
Total playing time01:17:05

Stutthof - Devotion To Black Arts (1997-2005)

Great NS Black Metal !

7´´ Limited 500 handnumbered copies.

1.An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddess04:35
2.And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust05:06
Total playing time09:41

Stutthof - An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddess


2.Resurrection Ov The Kult06:47
3.Within The Void Of Existence06:45
4.The Black Katharsis05:45
5.Upon The Shores Of Solitude Pt. II07:05
6.The Decay Of Time And Life08:32
Total playing time36:22

Stormnatt - Resurrection Ov The Kult

Depressive Black Metal !

2.Depressing Paths Through Fullmoon Forests07:24
4....Left To Weep And Mourn14:36
6.Dwelling Lifeless06:19
8.Vast And Dismal Chambers08:45
9.Endtime Sermon08:38
Total playing time01:14:49

Sterbend - Dwelling Lifeless

Depressive Black Metal !!

2.Le Royaume10:13
3.Vents Des Désespoirs08:33
4.Au Solstice De L'Hiver08:50
7.L'Enchantement Des Forêts03:44
Total playing time51:58

Sombres Forêts - Quintessence

Nema/Mordulv - Split EP 1998


Nema (Ger)
1.Way Of Salvation07:15
2.Mayhemic Beast Of Destruction03:27
3.Nine Black Enlightened Circles Of Infernal Doom05:13
Total playing time15:55

Nema/Mordulv - Split EP

MRAK - Obscurity (Demo) 2004

Slow, depressive Black Metal !

There is a limited edition on tape.

2.Dreaming Forest08:14
Total playing time22:40

MRAK - Obscurity

Mittwoch, 1. April 2009


1.Meditatio I09:13
2.Meditatio II06:10
3.Meditatio III06:08
4.Meditatio IV10:24
Total playing time31:55

Melencolia Estatica - Melencolia Estatica

Two long songs of Black Metal. RECOMMENDED !!!

Gatefold LP, limited to 300 copies.

1.Der Kälte treu18:46
Thurisaz (Ger)
2.Der Krieger im Banne von Isa16:43
Total playing time35:29

Kriegersseel/Thurisaz - Kälte & Eis

Inferi - Shores of Sorrow 2006

Slow and depressed Black Metal! RECOMMENDED !

1.To The Once So Sad World12:11
2.Dance Of Shadows12:34
4.What Once Shined14:22
Total playing time49:25

Inferi - Shores of Sorrow

Released on tape, limited to 100 copies.

Cover art by RH- (Deep-pression).

2.Scream From Nihil04:27
3.Only Failure Lasts05:57
4.I Am Alone With You04:31
5.It's A Long Way Down06:53
6.Death Equals Life05:12
Total playing time28:02

Hypomanie - I Am Alone With You

On the front cover there is a photo of a Canadian violionist and composer
Joseph Allard.
1.La moisson de la liberté08:28
2.Une nuit pour la patrie10:28
3.La flamme et le lys07:41
4.De sang et de volonté07:16
5.Métal noir Québécois08:44
6.Honneur et tradition07:42
Total playing time50:17

Forteresse - Métal Noir Québécois

Cd limited to 500 copies.
Tape version by Todesschrei Produktionen and limited to 50 copies.
Will be re-released in july 2007 in tape by Ars Funebris Records with a new
artwork and limited to 300 copies.

1.Oublié de Tous05:51
3.Une Fin si Proche11:36
4.Hors de ce Monde03:37
Total playing time30:50

Défaillance - Désemparé dans un monde agonisant

Limited to 500 copies, the first 60 include a poster
Session violin by Georg Boerner.
2.Der Hass Lädt Zum Morden Ein05:15
3.Der Flamme Tod05:38
5.In Die Sphären Der Realität06:03
Total playing time28:07

Farsot - 042103Freitod

Depressiv Black Metal.

1.Illusions of Dusk and Dawn04:58
2.Aether Aurora03:35
4.Pale Cast of Thought04:08
5.And So Are the Words That Never Made It I07:24
6.And So Are the Words That Never Made It II07:59
7.Intro, Timeless Disease03:13
8.Origin of Apparition05:03[view lyrics]
9.Outro, Endless Asphyxia07:50
Total playing time48:35

Chaos Moon - Origin of Apparition

Black Metal with Folk and Doom Metal influences.

1.Dark Tones07:51
3.Depressive Hand Of Time06:58
4.Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover)06:33
Total playing time27:11

Faded - Metamorphosis

Black Metal/Ambient with Doom elements.

Comes in green DVD-case, with no booklet or information given, apart from
assumed song titles.

1.Reasons That Humanity Is A Failed Experiment In Natural Evolution09:39
2.Possible Solutions To The Problem Called Humanity15:44
3.Celebration Of Extinction (Bittersweet Justice Of Humankind's Demise)17:04
Total playing time41:27

Destroy Humanity Now - Celebration Of Extinction


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