Samstag, 31. Mai 2008

Highly Recommended Black Metal From Belarus With Total Killer Riffs!!!

1.Everything Poisoned01:39
2.Blood Comes Black06:53
3.In Mist We Stand06:10
4.Now I Fly05:04
5.Atruta (I Dissolve In Poisoned Rain)08:18
6.To Nihil02:03
7.Cycle of Rot07:24
8.In Gloom And Spikes06:30
9.Veil of Poison05:37
10.The Roots Are Torn09:45
Total playing time59:00
+2 Videos

Medievil - atruta 2007 (+2videoclips) pt.1
Medievil - atruta 2007 (+2videoclips) pt.2

1. Medievil - ...Of Twilight (8:47)
2. Medievil - Ê ×åðòÿì! (7:08)
3. Medievil - Òåìåíü Íî÷è ×åðíûõ Êðûëüåâ (7:04)
4. Medievil - Ñÿðîä Âÿòðîó (3:18)
5. Medievil - Ìàãèëüíû Ñîí (9:20)
6. Medievil - The Last Night Overture (3:15)
7. Medievil - Where The Winter Wind Reigns (9:29)
8. Medievil - Òîëüêi Ñîñíû I Íåáà Ó Íà÷û (9:58)


Medievil - Across The Gloomy Realm 2002 (+1 Videoclip) pt.1
Medievil - Across The Gloomy Realm 2002 (+1 Videoclip) pt.2

Initially limited to 100 copies. Later rereleased in a DVD slipcase by Aurora
1.Bermib Oontir Omnis Honor00:37
2.Terror Is Our Tenderness10:35
3.The Book of Lies05:50
4.Heartless & Miserable05:18
5.Endless Holocaust of Night01:04
6.Against a Sea of Weeping Sleep21:02
7.Immeasurably Dreary07:05
8.Funeral Procession00:43
9.Psalm of Misery09:50
10.Euntes ibant et flebant16:50
Total playing time01:18:54

L'Acephale - Mord Und Totschlag (demo) 2005 pt.1

L'Acephale - Mord Und Totschlag (demo) 2005 pt.2

1.Theosophia Pneumatica (Vengeance of the |)07:02
2.Curse of Life05:41
3.So Silent (Survival of the Fittest Part 2)04:21
4.Adon Habalahot08:32
5.Kingdom of the Hallowed Souls04:29
6.The Shining01:28
7.True Nature04:24
8.Failure Denied07:19
9.As the Night Become Silver04:36
Total playing time49:57

+Bonus Videoclip!

Bartholomeus Night - Theosophia Pneumatica (+video) 2004 pt.1
Bartholomeus Night - Theosophia Pneumatica (+video) 2004 pt.2

Mini-CD including 4 songs and 1 video clip.

Limited to 1000 copies only.

1.Theory 0 (brandnew track)

2.Execute them all (Unleashed cover)

3.Of wolf and the devil (Ulver cover)

4.Achtung! (industrial remix)

5.Achtung! video clip (original version of the track)

Ad Hominem - Theory 0 2008 (+Video)

2.Mr. Dudley's Soul (Intro)05:20
3.Mr. Dudley's Soul07:26
4.White Freak04:04
5.The Prisons You Create10:04
6.Dead Hands And Stupid Hearts06:34
7.As You Laugh I Envy You12:10
Total playing time55:54

Sun Of Nothing - ...In The Weak And The Wounded 2007 pt.1
Sun Of Nothing - ...In The Weak And The Wounded 2007 pt.2

1.Das Aas01:44
2.Ich, der sich gibt04:46
3.Vorbei an Tagen und Leben07:18
4.So scheußlich wie ein kranker Stein06:34
5.Im Blutgewand05:19
Total playing time30:15

Winterblut - Das Aas (Demo) 2004

Winterblut - Promo 1998

1.Wie ein Sturm des Zorns05:44
2.Dunkler als die Fiebersonne06:34
3.Sein vorletzter Neumond06:28
4.Geboren um zu sterben07:06
Total playing time25:52

Winterblut - Promo 1998

Freitag, 30. Mai 2008

Limited to 300 copies.

1.Black Shift02:37
2.Summon to Gather02:46
3.In The Wrath of Shadows01:58
4.Escape from Heavens Lunacy02:59
5.Jewland Extermination03:38
6.Holy Grail Locus03:42
7.Wolfs of Glory03:54
8.Dark Revelations04:41
9.Farewell to Ancient Gods06:00
10.Will of the Aryan Nation06:29
11.Under the White Star03:35
Total playing time42:23

Wolfenhords - Wolves of the New Beginning 2007

2.Ancient March04:20
3.Cursed (Bezdan Cover)02:29
4.Following the Path of King04:44
5.Future White Generations04:08
6.Hatelust Cult04:13
7.Infernal Eternity03:20
8.Night of Pagan Wrath05:45
9.The Eagle was Born03:35
10.Wolf and the Windward02:48
Total playing time38:18

Wolfenhords - Pathway to Lunar Utopia 2007

Limited to 200ex

SS Mann
1.Levons haut nos bannières

2.Écrasons sion

3.J'ai vu

4.La sémite : du passé à aujourd'hui

5.Free my land(Cover of Skrewdriver)

Wolfhammer Division

7.Deportation now !

8.Beneath the flag of a twisted cross

9.Blut und boden

10.White man's destiny

11.AK-47 hunger


13.Fur Arischen Sieg


SS Mann & Wolfhammer Division - Eternal hate (Split) 2006

Limited to 300 copies.

2.Path of Wisdom and Annihilation09:59
3.Void of Winter10:05
4.Sikt Hinsides Dod04:36
5.Over Black Landscapes07:08
7.Illa Tiðandi (Burzum cover)09:18
Total playing time50:22

Troglodytic - Anathematized (demo) 2004

Limited to 100 copies.

1.Cupiditas Naturalis03:30
3.Homo Homini Lupus06:12
4.Suffocation 2.009:39
Total playing time21:17

Sleeping Village - homo homini lupus 2006

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

2.Ces Immondices...05:06
3.Mes Blessures06:17
4.Un Essaim de Corbeaux06:37
5.La Vallée Des Larmes05:07
Total playing time24:50

Monarque - ad naseam (demo) 2005

Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2008

1.In The Name Of The Reversed Cross07:26
2.The Chris.T.Slave05:21
3.Iratus Dominus Destroyer05:02
4.Coronation Of The Self-God03:58
5.Desecrated River Of Life05:51
6.Plague Spreads Decease05:16
7.In Search Of Ego (Outro)02:26
Total playing time35:26

Iratus Dominus - dispatch the incarnation of god 2005

Grimlair - Demo 2002

Previously unreleased demo. Cassette limited to 150 copies.

2.Night of Winter Moon04:41
3.Coldness of Winter02:56
4.Tomorrow the Sky Will Be Black04:07
5.Spell of the Moon06:33
6.In the Valley...07:08
Total playing time36:09

Grimlair - Demo 2002

Ghremdrakk-Je M Exalte2007

3.Astree Vortex09:44
4.De Asceet09:18
5.Chaos Kome07:11
8.Servitor, Servitor09:02
Total playing time01:02:54

Ghremdrakk-Je M Exalte2007

1.Philosophize About Misanthropies05:54
3.Battle For My Soul03:57
Total playing time14:24

ForestGrave - Philosophize About Misanthropies (Demo) 2006

ForestGrave (Demo) 2007

1.Ò¸ìíîå íåáî Êàðïàò04:16
2.Ê âåëèêîìó èç íè÷òîæíîãî07:02
3.Ñîí âå÷íûé ïðîñòîðîâ õîëîäíûõ04:38
4.Óòðî ïîñëå áèòâû08:04
5.Çèìíèé Òðîí08:24
Total playing time32:24

ForestGrave (Demo) 2007

Dark Tales - XIII 2005

Ambient Black Metal,a side project of Triskéle from canada.extreme rare.

1. Dark Tales - I (6:26)
2. Dark Tales - Ii (10:42)
3. Dark Tales - Iii (14:32)
4. Dark Tales - Iv (10:49)

Dark Tales - XIII 2005

Caacrinolas - Vargtimmen 2007

Very Experimental!

2.En Un Espacio19:55
Total playing time45:08

Caacrinolas - Vargtimmen 2007

Experimental /Noise/Doom/Ambient/Black Metal

1.A Thousand Cries Has The Night24:00

2.Valley of the Dead36:12

Caacrinolas - Valley of the dead 2003 +a thousand cries has the night (ep) 2001

1.Last Judgement05:46
2.Kneel To Satan!05:27
3.No Life In Obscurity - Only Death...04:38
4.Let The Infirmity Of christ Burn In Flame Of Hell Forever!05:00
5.Evil Reigns In Each Of Us02:50
6.Hell Retribution To False-Prophetical Scums03:46
7.The World In The Power Of Satan05:11
8.Sanguinary Funeral Of The World04:03
9.Sentence On Nailed False-Prophet05:07
10.In The Witch's Den...05:53
Total playing time47:41

Black Shadow - Hell Retribution To False-Prophetical Scums 2006

Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008

Limited to 150 handnumbered copies 4 pannel DIGIpak

2.Visions Of Decadence08:12
3.Behold The Spectral Veil Which Cover The World07:23
Total playing time19:57

Funeral Veils - ...Visions Of Decadence EP 2007

Funeral Doom Black Metal From Arab!!!!
Highly Recommended!
1. Qabr-Tragedian/Qabr - She Never Left (8:21)
2. Qabr-Tragedian - The Gallows Funeral (12:21)
3. Qabr-Tragedian - Souls Withering Through the Sky (6:38)

Qabr - the malediction of manifestation (united arab emirates) 2004

Sael - Ocean (EP) 2006

2.Ivresse de Lune06:22
4.Un Cri dans l'Eternit�08:15
Total playing time30:47

Sael - Ocean (EP) 2006

1.Power Ascension08:20
2.The Elevation of the Beautiful09:07
3.Affirmation Victory09:22
4.Conquest Diety08:47
5.The Alienation of the Wretched07:41
6.Death to the Unwilling11:15
Total playing time54:32

Eldrig - Everlasting War Divinity 2007

Lebensabend - (Demo) 2007

Limited Edition 300 pieces

2.Wind of War03:27
4.Ravens Will Avenge My Death03:31
6.The Last Sunset08:38
Total playing time31:11

Lebensabend - (Demo) 2007

2.Misanthropy Within The Endless Mountains04:44
3.Distant Fog Floats In The Grim Nightforest04:52
4.Dense Nordic Veils Fall Upon My Realm With Grandiose Obscurity06:06
5.Moonrise In Total Darkness03:23
6.Glociale Solitude05:41
7.Behold The Halls Of Ice06:26
8.La Pleine Lune �claire Les Ombres Du Royaume Des Glaces03:24
Total playing time37:44

Sorcier des Glaces - Moonrise in Total Darkness 2006

1.Eternal Empire of the North07:10
2.Today - Red, Tomorrow Dead02:29
3.Tank March of Death03:05
4.70 Years of Boundless Swinishness03:48
6.The Sculpture of Absurdity03:02
7.The Wind of Indifference Gaining in Strength05:47
8.1 Litre of Blood04:48
Total playing time36:56

Ungern - 1 Litre Of Blood (2006)

1.Black Angel Of Darkness04:40
3.The Satanist03:46
4.Death To The Bastards03:39
5.Blackest Empire Of Satan04:16
6.Awakening Of Evil05:21
Total playing time25:32

H.E.W.D.A.T. - Blackest Empire of Satan 2006

1.Sin of Life03:34
2.Crucifixion Fantasy02:42
3.Vices Triumph Over Wisdom04:31
4.Shade of Rape03:12
5.Under Zyklon Blue05:46
6.Penetrated Slave03:17
7.Rapist's Thrusts03:02
8.The Sin of Nature is the Sign of God06:40
Total playing time32:44

Ash Pool - World Turns On Its Hinge 2007

2.Protocol of Systematic Belief07:30
3.Creation Equivalence Principle07:41
4.Spectrum of Divine Nature06:15
6.Operation: Genesis Reprise08:12
7.Sin Tide Manufacturing10:55
8.Global Storm Element07:00
Total playing time01:11:18

Control Human Delete - Terminal World Perspective 2007

1.Intro - Pren�ncio do Abismo02:44
2.A Possess�o de Cibele I06:59
3.A Possess�o de Cibele Part II04:31
5.O Cortejo da Morte06:30
Total playing time29:52

Bauopfer - Mephistopheles (demo) 2004

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2008

Zerstörer - Panzer Metal 2002


2.Master of Demons02:23
5.War Campaign04:39
6.I Am Death03:36
8.Of Your Blood05:08
Total playing time28:53

Zerstörer - Panzer Metal 2002

Cdr Limited to 88 copies

1.Juden Untermenschen04:38
2.Aryans Awake04:54
3.In The End We Win03:48
4.Final Solution03:29
5.Art Of Human Lampshades04:09
Total playing time20:58

Vernichtungskamp - Disposing of Garbage 2001

Buchenwald Oven - (Demo) 2001

Limited to 250 copies.

1.Hail Victory03:34
2.Into The Incinerator02:15
3.Flame Of Hagalaz03:39
4.Tear Your Soul Apart02:43
5.Rite Of Purification04:12
6.Final Condemnation03:53
Total playing time20:16

Buchenwald Oven - (Demo) 2001


3.With Growing to the Ree05:54
5.Land Of Self-Alone06:47
6.Colour Of Ancient Culture06:20
Total playing time43:39

Volhv - Three of the Universe (2004)

1.Call for confession01:30
2.The cave of madness06:35
3.Llac edicius07:54
4.Voices of reason06:34
6.Slaughter in the name of god (Theory in practice)05:49
7.Psychopathic paranoia anthem20:09
Total playing time53:49

Depressive Winter - Llac Edicius 2006

1.Chant d'Automne04:47
2.Im Morgenrauen Einer Nenen Ordunug02:53
3.Twilight Falls In Transylvania03:59
4.The Dark Omen04:01
5.Toward the Moutains of Sorrow04:16
6.Dead, Buried, Dissolved05:37
Total playing time25:33

Hasserben - Cants d'automne (demo) 2006

1.Das Panzerlied06:57
2.Funeral Winter04:32
3.Seven Gates03:27
4.Infernal War01:50
5.Master of Evil01:28
6.Dark Skies (Instrumental)03:15
Total playing time21:29

Panzersturm - panzersturm (demo) 2003

1.Intro – Into the Mass


3.Epoch of Mass Destruction


5.Christendom`s Perdition

6.Servant of the Unholy

7.God Will Suffer

8.Into the Hands of Satan

9.Lord of Depths

10.War Ritual

11.Outro – Out of Blood and Flesh

Meinardus - christendoms perdition 2004

Hellvetic Frost
1.Nächtliches Fallen

2.Stumme Schreie

3.Aus dunklen Wäldern

Panzerfaust (Ger)
4.Sturm aus absolutem Hass

5.Führe unsere Truppen

6.Der Menschheits Tod

Panzerfaust(Ger) & Hellvetic Frost - split 2004

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008

Short Break

We are going to be on the Storm of Destruction Festival in Ingolstadt ( ) over the weekend, so there won't be any time for us to post some new stuff. Don't worry, we will come back!

Depressive weekend everybody!

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2008

Limited to 200 copies

1.Funeral howls under full moon eclipse10:13
2.Deep in the forest02:51
3.Misanthropic hidden paths07:00
4.El honor de la Luna Llena03:56
5.Dark citadel01:16
6.The grief of Morgoth03:46
Total playing time37:19

Tanat & Briargh - Funeral Howls - A Black Mark Over The Land - 2005

Total playing time35:06

Paysage D Hiver - kerker (demo) 2002

50 copies

2.Satanik terrorism03:43
3.Aeterne diabolus05:34
Total playing time16:58

HAEMOTH - Satanik Rehearsal (Underground Terrorism) (Demo) 2003

Limited to 33 copies
Total playing time32:37

HAEMOTH - Apokalyptik Rehearsal (Demo) 2002

Tape release, limited to 198 copies.

1.Intro (Into the pagan forest)01:09
2.Simerian hate06:06
3.Misanthropic forest07:38
4.Funeral Holocaust07:01
5.Winter mayhem10:09
6.Outro (Valhalla kingdom of Crom)03:47
Total playing time35:50

Funeral Forest - Against the modern Black Metal (demo) 2007

Ltd. 200 handnumbered copies
1.Eternal Call05:39
2.Altar Waste05:19
3.Looking Dawn with the Hatred05:58
4.Vague Time07:34
5.Source of Pain06:50
6.Life in the Middle of Nothing05:41
Total playing time37:01

Death Triumphant - Life in the Middle of Nothing - 2003

1.Einsamkeit (Intro)02:25
5.Freitod *09:57
Total playing time39:07

Dark Endless - Lebensfremd (Demo) 2004


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