Montag, 1. September 2008

Adalruna - Cestrefield 1362 (2007)

1 hour of hate and destruction!

Limited to 15 copies only.

1.Cestrefeld 1362 (Overture)03:14
2.Lucifer's Longing03:45
3.Ascending To The World Of Man (Satan's Journey To Cestrefeld)03:35
4.A Purity Divine03:49
5.The Virgin's Soul In Hell (Devil's Dream)03:14
6.Promised To Another07:07
7.Satan's Plan05:22
8.Devil's Interlude (Overture To 'The Mask And The Shoe')02:23
9.The Mask And The Shoe03:31
10.The Black-Smith02:25
11.Midnight Marriage (Overture To 'Murder In The Crooked Spire')03:05
12.Murder In The Crooked Spire06:07
13.The Soul's Descent Into Hell04:06
14.Devil's Prophecy02:52
15.Victory Over Heaven06:22
Total playing time01:00:57



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