Donnerstag, 7. August 2008

Ritualmord - Das Ritual 2008

1.rainy ritual(ecclesia noctum demo)02:58
2.awake the evil spirits (ecclesia noctum demo)04:31
3.a new beginning (split with pvd)01:03
4.invading heaven (split with pvd)03:55
5.graf vlad (cult of luzifer ep)03:35
6.plagued mind (cult of luzifer ep)04:27
7.Priest-Torturing-Kommando (split with rabenvolk & massengrab)05:09
8.Anal Blasphemy (split with rabenvolk & massengrab)03:45
9.Rise of the rotten (the goat sabbath ep)04:31
10.vampyric blood (the goat sabbath ep)09:03
11.anal impaler ofwalachia (the live ritual)01:47
12.pestilence shadow (split with matar)04:45
13.the virgins painfull end (split with godemiche)04:13
14.ziegenzeit (split with godemiche)03:27
15.The Orks Battlecry (seduced by the goat mc)05:41
16.Journey to Transylvania (seduced by the goat mc)06:11
Total playing time01:09:01

Ritualmord - Das Ritual 2008 pt.1
Ritualmord - Das Ritual 2008 pt.2


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