Sonntag, 3. August 2008

1.Walls Of Damnation06:50
2.Mind And Sword06:40
3.Death Ballad03:36
4.Darkness In Time01:15
5.Marianna De Leyva04:30
6.Madeleine Bavent01:49
7.Nera Chiesa04:30
9.Nera Morte01:30
10.Un Dono Di Sangue03:43
11.Rituale Di Morte04:10
13.Senza Sepoltura03:28
14.Call From The Grave (Bathory Cover)04:36
15.A Fine Day To Die (Bathory Cover)08:10
16.The Lake (Bathory Cover)06:28
Total playing time01:06:20


Fearbringer - double faced corruption 2005 +videoclip pt.1
Fearbringer - double faced corruption 2005 +videoclip pt.2


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