Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

2.Conscious Morbidness25:00
Total playing time43:30

Yhdarl - Demo Session - II - Rotten Sonata In A Minor (demo) 2008

1.Suicide Worship Part I06:05
2.Suicide Worship Part II05:21
Total playing time11:26

Pogrom (Dnk) - Suicide Worship (ep) 2000

1.Smells like Divine Decomposition
3.The Problem of Evil
4.No Religion, Know Peace
5.Under the Hellspell
6.The Absurd Song
7.DCLXVI (Instrumental)
8.Still Waiting...
9.Forclusion du Nom du Père
10.Le Sens de l'Existence
11.Porno Sex XXX
12.Nihilistic Dawn
Total playing time49:51

Nameless Orchestral Project - Gott Ist Tot (demo) 2007

Martyrdom - pagans hymn 2002

1.Cruel Morning03:46
2.Raging Sea05:09
3.Thorns and Betrayal05:41
4.Thousand Suns06:12
5.Against the Wind07:09
7.Pagan's Hymn10:05
8.I Am the Black Wizards (Emperor cover)05:22
Total playing time48:19

Martyrdom - pagans hymn 2002 pt.1
Martyrdom - pagans hymn 2002 pt.2

Homselvareg - Homselvareg 2008

1.Prologo - Il Canto Della Foresta01:16
2.Capitolo I - Nelle Alpi03:12
3.Capitolo II - HomSelvareg03:31
4.Capitolo III - La Caccia03:47
5.Capitolo IV - Fuga Del Selvaggio03:53
6.Capitolo V - Agonia04:28
7.Capitolo VI - La Morte08:14
8.Capitolo VII - Ascesa05:02

- 9. Lend your heart to the night (3:53)
- 10. The triumph hymn (4:47)
- 11. Misanthrope (3:55)
Total running time: 45:58

Homselvareg - Homselvareg 2008

Dead To Earth - Disco 99 - 07

Balnasar - Promo 2008

First Promo from Balnasar.
Depressive BM.

1. Balnasar-Ein letzter Glockenschlag(intro) (1:47)
2. Balnasar - Nebelwald (8:11)
3. Balnasar - Futter Für Die Krähen (4:27)

Balnasar - Promo 2008

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

1.Schattenreich (Raw Rehearsal) 12.40

Leichenstätte - Schattenreich(Raw Rehearsal) (demo) 2008

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2008

Velzevul - 4 releases...

1.Ç ãëûá³í³ âÿêî¢ ïðàêë¸í06:02
2.Ïåñíü äàæäæó04:36
3.Çðóéíàâàíàÿ âåë³÷06:51
4.Êàë³ íî÷ ïàõàâàå íàäçåþ08:11
5.Ïàä ÷îðíûì ñîíöàì06:17
6.Ïàõàâàííå õðûñòà06:39
Total playing time38:36

Zaklon - Zrujnavanaja Velich (demo) 2006

1.A Shattered Reflection05:59
2.The Cold Depths of Solitude06:09
3.Trough the Fields to the End07:39
4.The Shores of a Withering Dream part 105:24
5.Scornful Swarm04:04
6.Parasite Paradise10:04
Total playing time39:19

Tragediens Trone - The Cold Depths of Solitude 2007

Hand numbered to 88
1.Ma Force Plutonienne02:59
2.L'ombre d'un héritage lugubre03:11
3.Ton Sang Tombera Sur La Neige...03:11
4.Marche avec Honneur sur les cadavres des vaincus02:23
Total playing time11:44

Sputum Lunae - Le Nord, La Glace, La Mort (demo) 2001

Krallice - Krallice 2008

1.Wretched Wisdom10:14
3.Molec Codicies09:35
5.Energy Chasms09:45
6.Forgiveness In Rot15:21
Total playing time01:01:42

Krallice - Krallice 2008 pt.1
Krallice - Krallice 2008 pt.2

Gauntlet's Sword
2.Doc. Ego Dom.05:18
3.They Will Only To Live04:57
4.Dominant Portrait Of Soul05:28
5.Alef(A) (Under A Permanent Sky)04:03
6.The Aryan Throne07:20
7.For Thousand Years (The Fall)04:14
8.Wenn Die Sa Und Die06:39
11.Pagan Rituals02:57
12.Through The Dark Age We Are Dreaming06:35
13.Pa Vikingtog00:41
Total playing time56:39

Gauntlet's Sword & Stutthof - Into The White Waters of Hellas 2001

2.A Silenced Time08:27
3.Slaughter Of The Unwilling Tribe06:08
4....And Through Unpure Blood06:39
5.Invocatio Ut Exitium Ab Ego02:13
Total playing time24:27

Arc Fatalis - Silenced Through The Fall (demo) 2005

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

Ornias-födelse (ep) 2005

limited to 100 copies

5.Heathen Revenge03:45
Total playing time24:17

Ornias-födelse (ep) 2005

limited 20

Total playing time27:51

Sterbend Besungen - Des Todes wegen... (Demo) 1998

Krocht - Actum (demo) 2004

2.Onder Duitschen Rijksvlag06:03
3.Het Beleg05:33
4.Trefzeker; Den Dood Nabij06:50
Total playing time19:54

Krocht - Actum (demo) 2004

1.Summon the War06:16
2.Hemisphere in Mortality06:10
3.Black Souls of the Fullmoon07:58
4.The Path of the Eternal Years15:56
Total playing time36:20

Kalpa(Kor) - The Path of the Eternal Years 2002

Strictly limited to 8 physical copies !!!!

1.An introduction to insanity

2.Into Nightmares

3.Views of a ruined life


5.Outro-Welcome to the asylum

Funera - Beyond the Mirror of Life’s Illusion (demo) 2007

1.Desire for Etherial Wandering03:07
3.Dead Shadows04:23
4.My Astral Ways03:34
Total playing time17:35

Frondescent Gout - Abyss to Oblivion (demo) 2005

Fornicatus-promo 07


limited to 20 copies

1.Part of Fucking Life04:15
2.Ahdistuksen Kipu Ja Tuska07:32
3.Wings of Depression08:13
4.Macabre Operetta (Samael cover)06:55
Total playing time26:55

Fornicatus-promo 07

Deathchurch-4 releases.

Demotape limited to 300 handnumbered copies
1.Die Nacht Der Wölfe04:18
2.Dans nos tourments misanthropes04:14
4.Le fléau du désert04:36
5.Ave Sapaudia06:01
6.Fierté païenne04:18
Total playing time27:40

Darkwoods Legion - Là où les Âmes Pourrissent (demo) 2003

Limited to 70 Copies.

1.Order The Advance (Tribute To Gorgoroth)02:23
2.I Am The Head Of Unholy Crusaders03:14
3.Hacking A Criminal To Pieces By Dark Priest04:52
Total playing time12:05

Ares (Kor) - Achieve Brilliant Results In Unholy War (demo) 2004

Samstag, 26. Juli 2008

Jammerskrik - Demo I 2005

1.Det Evige Jammerskrik27:38
Total playing time27:38

Jammerskrik - Demo I 2005

3.Sledge-hammered Heart06:35
4.Spirituelles Equilibrium04:38
5.Mighty Black Dimensions07:27
7.Total Self-hatred07:20
Total playing time45:30

Totalselfhatred - Totalselfhatred 2008

1.Infra-Code of Perdition08:13
2.Institution of the Dirt Archetype07:30
3.Infected forms of distance06:53
4.Inner Phaze07:31
5.White Journey.Inc08:24
6.Astral Noise Projection08:39
7.Pride of Inanimate Emptiness07:49
Total playing time55:04

Reverence - Chamber of Divine Elaboration 2007 +videoclip pt.1
Reverence - Chamber of Divine Elaboration 2007 +videoclip pt.2

4.Der Verstand Stirbt Zuerst06:51
Total playing time40:42

Heydenschrei - Der Verstand Stirbt Zuerst (demo) 2006 +videoclip

1.Empty Thrones05:51
2.Serpent King04:09
4.The Scent of Graves04:55
5.A Distant Light Before Dawn05:12
6.The Seven Gates of Illusionary Vision03:22
Total playing time34:37

Black Autumn (Ger) - Cult of Nihil (demo) 2004

Blood Cult
1.Never Fight the Good Fight04:15
2.The Blood Cult02:27
3.Death (Ayohuhisdi II)03:51
5.Endless Stream of Blood04:23
6.Inner Demons03:07
7.Enemy of Christ06:11
8.Black Fire04:57
9.The Sadist03:36
Total playing time36:16

Bloodcult & Rademassaker & ChemiKiller - The Anti-Posers Unite (split) 2003

Limited to 100 copies.

1.When You Live In Me09:39
2.Pure Hate06:26
3.Sex and Violation05:12
4.Black Hate04:30
5.Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover)06:07
7.Under Depression10:57
Total playing time54:18

Black Hate - Black Hate (demo) 2007

Austere (Aus)
1.Towards The Great Unknown11:34
2.Only The Wind Remembers13:24
3.No Failure In Suicide16:15
Total playing time59:55

Austere & Lyrinx - Only the Wind remembers Ending the Circle of Life (Split) 2008

Total playing time44:31

Absolute of Malignity - Absolute of Malignity 2008

Freitag, 25. Juli 2008

1.Dead Kristians

2.The Great Cathedrals Of The World Crumble


4.Nuclear Assault On The Gates

5.When Death Takes Us Away

6.Auschwitz Is Their Home

7.The Ones That Got Away

8.The Sun Never Rises

9.Their God Is Dead

10.Nazareth A.D.

Kill the Kristians - Kill The Kristians...And The Jews (demo) 2004

2.Cumshot On The Holy Cunt04:24
3.To Nowhere02:50
4.Roots Of Guilt03:49
5.Weissmaten Stone04:05
6.Blind Infernal Fathers03:40
7.Slaves Without Chains03:54
8.The Hangman Walk03:02
9.Festering Clausura03:57
Total playing time30:41

Nefarium - praesidium (promo) 2002 +videoclip

Kalot Enbolot - MCCCXLVII 2007

1.Insecta Arthropoda06:40
2.Siege of Caffa08:11
3.Rat Armada07:46
4.Stray Dogs of Despair04:46
5.Legions of the Pestilence06:32
6.At the Heart of Winter (Immortal Cover)07:18
Total playing time41:13

Kalot Enbolot - MCCCXLVII 2007

1.Introduce you to perversion02:23
2.Virgin blood for satan02:53
3.Raped for the Devil03:32
4.Brutal holocaust02:54
5.Raping orkestra01:30
6.Satanik devotion ritual16:05
Total playing time29:17

Incest - Satan Is Real (Demo) 2005 +videoclip

2.Áèáëèÿ (Biblia)07:38
3.Âêóñ êðîâè (Vkus krovi)07:53
4.Âûçîâ (Vyzov)06:59
5."Ñêâîçü òåìíûé ëåñ..." ("Skvoz temnuiy les...")05:25
6.Ðèòóàë ("Ritual")04:02
7."Âçîøëà ëóíà..." ("Vzoshla luna...")06:13
Total playing time39:34

Imperium Frost - Antichristian Flame 2006

2.Schreiben Sie / Heil Winter09:14
4.Deathcrush (mayhem cover)02:26
Total playing time25:56

Ignis Fatuus (Pol) - Bartek (demo) 2005

limited to 25 hand-numbered copies.

1....Are You Afraid of Dying?02:38
2.Prophecy of Misery06:26
3.In Silence and Demise11:21
4.We Bring Forth Thorns08:00
Total playing time28:26

Elysian Blaze - Prophecies of Misery (Demo) 2003

Limited to 25 copies hand numbered in Altercator's blood.

2.Channeling the Unlight of the Moon04:12
4.Usurping the Throne of Eternal Bereavement05:30
5.The One Most Hated03:40
Total playing time19:53

Black Wraith-Channeling The Unlight Of The Moon (demo) 2007

Angst Skvadron - Flukt 2008

1.U.F.O. (Intro)01:56
2.Silent Light, Alien Night05:11
3.A Song to the Sky06:13
4.Negativitetens Kveletak04:15
5.The Astroid Haemorhoids and the Drunken Sailor05:30
6.Slaves of Mental Distortion03:51
7.Beyond Andromeda04:34
8.Satan (Outro)02:59
Total playing time34:29

Angst Skvadron - Flukt 2008


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